Monday, January 2, 2012

Permiere Dazzles by Paper Wishes

Dazzles are a unique laser sticker that you can do so much with.  Paper Wishes offers a monthly or bi-monthly subscription in which they send a packet to your doorstep with 3 or 4 sheets of dazzles, 5 sheets or more of paper that will coordinate with the dazzles, a few embellishments and a complete instructions on how to make 6 projects from your supplies.  (mind you that you need to provide your own scissors, cutter, clue or tap and sometimes ink).  This brown flat package is always a welcome site at the door step when I get home from work. 

Here is a picture of some of the items from this months kit (note the brown stickers that are missing are on the card farther down).

This is the first page of the news letter that goes with the package  (I've only given you the first page you will have to subscribe to receive the rest - sorry rules of the game).

Now the card that they recommended was a 6 1/2 x 12 card.  That is way too large for my likes so I moved to a smaller card and improvised.  My final card wound up being 5 1/5 x 4 1/8

on this card the pastel colors is a 2" x 4 1/8 strip adhered and placed about 1 1/2 inch from the bottom of the card.  The swirly brown sticker is trimmed to 2 inches, placed on the seam between the two colored pages.  the Brown butterfly/sunflowers were placed on a the yellow paper, then cut out to give you the finished look.  Follow the same process until done with the leaves.  a brown swirly was used as a stem for the sun flower.  The words Hello and Sunshine where placed on light green paper and cut around.  Another swirly was added above the word Hello and two small brown butterflies are added.

The entire card took about 10 minutes to make.  The inside was to be designed as well but I liked that so much that I'm going to make another card from that.  Hope you enjoy . 

Paulette Jarvey is the founder for this wonderful site -she is a very hands on type person..They offer Webisodes (which are free) telling you how to use a new products, products you might of had for a while and some that are still in the "work".  If you get a chance get out there and at least browse there website its amazing.

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