Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pioneer Woman, dogs and doing something for yourself

One of my favorite bloggers Ree, The Pioneer Woman. has a list of 10 things (11 if you read the entire way thru) about what your blog should have and what you should do for yourself (you have to make those happen or things start to wiggle when you don't want them to).

Today's blog is about photographs of my pup Wicket. Wicket is twelve years old, loves to sit at my feet or really just relax in his bed, but it right at my feet under the computer desk.

He is in dire need of a bath and a shave. The bath will come later this afternoon and his shave when he heads to the groomers later this week.   Right now we are going to do something for the both of us and go for a walk - yes it snowed here last night, yes its cold outside but if I don't get up and do something I will be stiff from lack of movement.  I'll take some picutres of the snow, how much the pup loves being outside and a brief description when I get back.  Oh happy day... . . . . . . .

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