Sunday, March 4, 2012

Movement/Unique Cards

This is a wonderful masculine card
Hello everyone, hope this beautiful weekend in March finds everyone full of sunshine and blue skies.  My Stampin Up buddy Nancy held a special card making class this weekend it was on Movement and Unique cards.  While I have seen these made before I thought they would be much harder to create, in all honesty once you made one the rest were easy. Nancy is going to post the link on her site with all of the specifics.  Anyway here are the cards, please note that unless specified all items used are from the Stampin Up line.....

 The Card folds so that you looks like an
easel.  When adding the caption at the bottom
use dimensional adhesives so that the top of the
card catches on it securing it.

In the card to the right the butterfly on the top and the bottom both have been attached using dimensional adhesives.

The birthday card at the bottom has 4 blocks that when you pull on the tab at the bottom flip up, with the last one saying Happy Birthday.

 the next card uses the same principle just more generic.  I so love that you can customize this to whatever you need.  You need to remember on these cards that the strip of paper or ribbon in the center can not be adhered to the paper or your movement won't work. 

these cards are simply beautiful and amazing.

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