Saturday, December 29, 2012


As you can see by previous posts I like to mention who has given me inspiration to post on a particular subject, and link them so that others know about them too.

Lindsey W.- The frugal crafter is one of my favorite go to spots when I feel overwhelmed and need to get  back on track.  She is funny and talented with a little wisdom thrown into her videos (kinda like a head slap Denozo style).

Last night as the cleaning began on my work station, and organization of crafting supplies I realized that Holy Cow I have so much stuff, I've been stuffing it into bins (5 x55 gallon to be exact).  Its time to thin - donate, use, give away or throw away.  As I was putting things into piles for those categories I realized that I had scrapped pages and never put them into albums.  Yes I immediately stop sorting and grabbed the nearest empty scrapbook and off we went.  2 hours later I had the most beautiful book - my boys immediately started looking thru it and commenting that yes they remembered all of the pictures.  What a wonderful conversation that was (my boys are 16 and 8).  Its great whenever you can get a teenager to say more that 3 words in a conversation. 

Here are some pictures of the finished product.


It really was a great night.  Hope you enjoy and know that it is NEVER TO LATE to create memories.  Until next time - Happy Crafting.


  1. Hello Heidi May! Thanks for the comments on my blog, I have been slow getting around to blogs the past 2 weeks but here I am starting the new year off right. I am glad you put your pages in albums and really glad you did not mistakenly throw them out! My kids often drag my scrapbook off the shelf to see photos of when they were younger and read my silly journaling. I have noticed my son who is 10 dragging out the albums too (he is not keen on posing for photo at this age) and I am glad because I did not think he cared about the pictures but he does. With his aunt passing away 2 weeks ago he finds comfort is seeing her picture...well, I think that is why anyway:) Your boys will treasure these books!

    BTW, I replyed on my blog but I really like wordpress, they have a nice professional look and the templates they provide are easy to work with. I just have the free version and I am happy with it. Also they submit your posts to search engines and offer tips on getting more readers. I think you might like it! You might be able to import your blogger posts too but I don't know how to do that:)

    1. Thanks Lindsay, I just recently read something on archieve envy (when the individual feels they are letting themselves down because they don't archieve in order). I can finally say not me - If I find picutres from long ago I scrapbook them, try to get them into the right book but we do have a misc binder for just those occassions when you can't do it.

      Thanks for the info on Wordpress, really looking to be able to put my pictures up with wordig placed around them (so there is not alot of white space). Oh well might just have to spend the time to learn a little coding so I can do what I want it to do. Have a great night/morning depending on when you read this. PS. might have a few more ?? about your vidos etc. if you don't mind.